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PCDJ Red Mobile is a lighter, portable version of PCDJ Dex, the professional audio mixing software. It retains nearly all of the features and functionality present in its parent tool, though Red Mobile has clearly been designed with mobile DJs in mind with added extra searching functionality that will allow you to easily and quickly locate any track in your system. The program uses ID3v2 tags, and automatically adds them to a “tag cache” every time you open a new folder or select a new track. Its well-structured and clear interface with red and black as the predominant colors, shows you two independent decks with identical but independent controls and effects. The priority here is to find and select your tracks as quickly as possible and add them to your main playlist, so that you can send them quickly and alternatively to each of the decks. Here you can either find the best cue on your own, or let Red Mobile synchronize both tracks according to the BPM (bits per minute or tempo) of each song. By tweaking the independent pitch controls, you can always fine-tune any minor synchronization problem. The program also includes an AutoPlay function, which mixes two active tracks for as long as you wish, which will come in handy when appending long tracks of previously mixed songs. As it happens with PCDJ Dex, you can also attach different external controls and audio equipment to your computer, and make Red Mobile interact with them. Hercules, EKS, Behringer, Vestax, Denon, Stanton, and certainly PCDJ consoles, are fully supported.

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    Guest 5 years ago

    I purchased saints & sinners bingo to download on my computer and it will not allow me to play the game.
    the order number is 213587450. I need my game now since I have already paid for it with my credit card

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    andy 6 years ago

    pcdj red help us in our programmes